SOW Financial

CEX Plug-In

Who & what is a CEX Plug-In?

We have a prearranged agreement in place with a registered global reach exchange to be one of the first to implement their new Plug-In facility via our platform.

What will the plug-in consist of?

The plug in will allow users to directly invest into over 100 cryptocurrencies directly from our website, along with weighted funds.
For example, the top 10 DeFi tokens by market cap (DEFI10) or the top 10 Metaverse tokens (META10) by market cap. These weighted funds will be re-weighted once per month.

How does this benefit $SOW?

All revenue generated via users investing through the CEX Plug-In on the SOW Platform will contribute towards the SOW Fund.

What makes this CEX different?

The CEX of which we have chosen to work with, designates each client with their own dedicated account manager of whom is available via a Messenger portal or via Telephone. First class, professional service at just a click of a button.