SOW Financial

SOW Token

Name: Store Of Wealth
Ticker: SOW
Chain: BSC
Trading Pair: SOW/USDT
Max Supply: 30,000 SOW
Contract: 0x063d4EbFf9C6012c764927E7536F12D6e14ed1F4



  • Buy Tax - 10%
  • Sell Tax - 10%
A tax of 10% will be imposed on buy transactions and 10% on sell transactions, with the collected taxes benefiting the protocol and its sustainability. These taxes are dynamic and may change with transactional volume, with the ultimate goal of keeping the taxation as low as possible.


Holders of $SOW tokens will receive rewards in the form of USDC and other stablecoins or tokens generated from SOW Fund investments and revenue generated from revenue-generating platforms. These rewards can be claimed through the application.