SOW Financial

F2W - Flip2Win

Flip2Win (F2W) is a simple revenue generating platform which has been released in its BETA stages on the AVAX chain. With the infrastructure being built already, we can now expand to multiple chains such as BNB & Polygon.
F2W is the fairest on-chain flip game available, with a true 50-50 chance of doubling your stake. This is achieved through the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function. Typically flip games are in favour of the house with a 70-30 outcome.

How does the SOW Fund benefit?

F2W generates revenue via a 10% of any winning flips. Therefore a 1 BNB win would result in .1 BNB being added to the SOW Fund.

Future revenue opportunities for F2W?

Once established, we will then have the opportunity to grow a full suite of games.
We are proud to announce our platform is powered by Chainlinks VRF, and we will displaying F2W to the multiple channels of Chainlink in the near future via Twitter, Discord & Medium.
BETA F2W Website: