SOW Financial

SOW Fund

What is the SOW Fund?

The SOW Fund is the driving force behind our ecosystem and enables the generation of income through various means. Essentially, the SOW Fund operates as a tokenized investment vehicle, seeking to establish a diversified portfolio across multiple asset areas.

How will the SOW Fund generate and use revenue?

Revenue for the SOW Fund will be generated through a combination of buy and sell taxes, investments, and platforms created by SOW Financial. The generated income and interest will then be used to benefit holders through revenue sharing, fund investments, and support future developments and marketing initiatives.
SOW Fund revenue will be generated via:
  • Buy Tax & Sell Tax
  • Investments
  • Platforms created by SOW Financial
Generated revenue & interest will then be utilised for:
  • Revenue share for holders
  • Investments
  • Developments & Marketing

How will the SOW Fund be invested?

The SOW Fund will be invested in a wide range of on-chain and off-chain assets to ensure a balanced and diversified portfolio.
Higher Risk, Higher Yield
A percentage of investments will be focused on higher-yield opportunities, such as automated algorithmic trading bots, yield farming and DeFi protocols, and externally funded trading accounts.
  • Automated algorithmic trading bots
  • Yield farming & DeFi protocols
  • Externally funded trading accounts - Funded externally allowing no risk to the SOW Fund
Lower Risk, Lower Yield
A percentage of investments will have a lower risk profile and lower yield, including utility nodes, high-frequency trading, validators, algorithmic wealth management services, alternative investments such as art, real estate, and start-up funding.
  • High Frequency Trading
  • Algorithmic wealth management services
  • Alternative investments - Investment Grade Art, Real Estate
  • Utility nodes - Core Focus on Utility - Flux, MNW etc.
  • Validators - Avalanche, Ethereum etc.
  • Start-Up funding - Niche Businesses - Low Capital Output, High Revenue Input
The ultimate goal of the SOW Fund is to establish a truly diverse portfolio of investments that will enable sustainable growth over the long term.

Revenue Generating Platforms

Revenue-generating platforms will contribute to the SOW Fund, rewards pool, and operations. Please see Future Platformsfor just some of our external revenue generating platforms.